IT Consulting

Let us represent you! We do not sell any specific brands or products to our clients, which means we work for you and only you. Let us help you find the right vendor to partner with or review contracts that you have received to ensure they make sense. Sometimes it is helpful to have an outsider look at the big picture for your organization rather than just focusing on the current need. We can also adapt solutions to fit your needs and budget. No matter how big or small, we can find a solution to get you where you need to be.

How much wasted time do you have? Does your co-worker ask you to fix your computer? Does your boss ask you to figure out why a piece of equipment isn’t working? When it comes to IT a lot of business owners think it’s cheaper to just have their techie, type A personality employee fix whatever is going on because they are salary or commission based. What they should be doing is adding up all the time you’re not focused on your primary job because that is how much money was potentially lost. Using a LEAN strategy, let us review your processes to ensure you and your employees are working at peak efficiency.

Are you looking to buy a new or replace a piece of equipment? Before you go to the box stores, give us a call. We can do the research and find deals to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. We recommend brands that use quality components to ensure your technology purchases will last longer. We also can configure the equipment, before you receive it, to ensure all trial/bloat ware and unneeded programs have been removed.